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~EA9/24/2005 03:34:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger DBK|W|P|@ easily aroused..

This isn't "The View" asswipe...

This is a place where a mexican dude gets drunk and molests you. What are you expecting?

"Christina sure does look fit... She is a no-nonsense cosmopolitan woman, who calls it as she sees them. It is so empowering that she removed the only things that made her look like a woman. RICCI, you go girl!"9/25/2005 10:23:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger idl3mind|W|P|she's still teh hawtness9/27/2005 03:25:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Easily Aroused|W|P|@ DBK

You speak very good english.

For a cunt.

~EA9/27/2005 06:14:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger DBK|W|P|Nice pic EA, is that the same one they use on your sex offender profile?9/28/2005 06:21:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Abrasivist|W|P|I used to like the short and curvy Ricci...now she looks like she's going to her first day in high school.10/04/2005 10:03:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger sloanagain|W|P|she is hot!!!anyway you look at her.i don`t believe that she has had breast reduction either.do you have proof of this?9/20/2005 11:36:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I think what Kate Moss did is fucking hype. I have always had a huge issue with celebrities who hide the fact that they do coke and sneak off to the bathroom to do it off the toilet seat. There is nothing trashier than that, and isn't part of the benefit of being famous the fact that you can get away with doing whatever the fuck you want, whether it is sleeping all day, or fucking homeless looking guys or having tranny sex orgies. This is what fame is all about,so big up to her for rippin' a line and letting someone take a picture of it. That said H+M is some European poofter version of Gap, and they don't know what the fuck's up, cuz firing this bitch is retarded considering all your staff, management and patrons do blow....firing her was pussy PR shit and I don't respect people who cave in to the christian fundamentalists who want us all to live boring lives. That said, here are some pics of Kate Moss changing in a Taxi. Maybe quitting the "yay" will finally let her grow some titties. Cokeheads everywhere unite and boycot H+M. |W|P|112727421035993512|W|P|I am - Kate Moss Changing in Car|W|P|9/20/2005 11:26:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I came across these recent pic of J.Lo in a bikini. I have always had fights with drunken perverts about her ass. The shit is not hot it is fat. The shit doesn't work for most straight guys, especially for guys with small cocks, you know it's hard to work around that shit. This bitch needs to lay off the burritos or whatever cubans eat, and spend a little more time on the stairmaster, because that ass that made you famous with black men and their white followers everywhere is not what we really want. This is another example of the media influencing you. They told you how wild her ass was, and you believed it, and by you believing it, she got this ego, that she's got it goin' on. J.Lo should not be in a bikini, or even a 2001 sweatsuit, she should do what fat assed women everywhere do, and kill herself. I am telling you if J.Lo went to your highschool, you'd been throwing donuts at her, not trying to penetrate her donut, unless you were drunk and she was the last one standing...we've all been there, don't feel bad. If this didn't make sense, it is because I don't know how to write, just click on her bikini pics and leave me alone. |W|P|112727360838158377|W|P|I am - J. Lo is Fat|W|P|9/22/2005 02:29:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jeff|W|P|I thought I was the only one with this opinion. I'm glad to see other men haven't been influenced by the media as well.

When she gets a bit older that thing is gonna drop like it's not hot.9/23/2005 04:20:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger murphyk9|W|P|erm... i would agree if only these pics actually SHOWED HER ASS. Sure you're not confusing her ass with the lion statue?9/20/2005 11:22:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I don't what it is about celebrities hating cameras. Cameras are what made them who they are and without the cameras and the paprazzi, no one would give a fuck about who they are fucking or what they are wearing, and if no one cares, then record sales will die down to nothing, and you will have to go back to sucking preacher Joe off for new shiney quarters, right from the collection box, and by box I don't mean her cooter, and by cooter I don't mean the character in that horrible Dukes of Hazzard movie. 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Celebrities love scandals and I think her scandal of choice is lesbianism, it's pretty innocent and not threatening, even when it's with a sugar momma who can't stop staring at her tits. |W|P|112727216777890910|W|P|I am - Rachel Bilson a Lesbian|W|P|10/24/2005 07:52:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger truth04|W|P|I believe there were many rumors about two of the OC's teen set who were gay and most assumed it was Mischa, but I think it's actually Rachel and Adam Brody, who also make a perfect decoy couple in public as well.9/20/2005 10:58:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| It's funny what success does to someone. Her career was in the fucking gutter, something she was probably used to from her youth, I don't know that for a fact, but can only assume she slept her way into an acting career, that's pretty much how they all do it. 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The Stepfather is currently in rehab following a serious life-long battle with Vicks Vaporub.

We are the only friends he has, so be supportive douchewad.

NipSlip Lover said...
Check out... www.nipslips.org See the Mariah page.[/quote]

Do you reckon you could fit any more spam onto that site!?9/20/2005 11:58:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Skeet|W|P|On the subject of spam..... go to www.pinks.uni.cc9/20/2005 01:41:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger rahduke|W|P|YO YOU DRUNKEN PATHETIC SLOB, UPDATE YOUR SITE ITS THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE IN LIFE WORTH A DAMN9/12/2005 12:24:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| The problem most girls going through puberty deal with is puffy nipples. It's like the estrogen or some shit turns those fuckers into padded, oversized saucers that throw off the whole tit dynamic. I think it's cuz the nipple develops first or some shit, but I am not a doctor, but if I was a doctor, I would consider being a teenage girl nipple consultant. The point of this is that this girls got some weird shit going on in her dress, I can only hope it's something she grows out of, cuz otherwise, she won't get casted in all the topless movies we have planned for her, unless it for some freaky puffy nipple fetish site, which I would be more than happy to start, not cuz of Bynes, for all the teenage girls out there to not feel alone. Puberty is such a sensitive time. I am here for you. |W|P|112649962048561018|W|P|I am - Amanda Bynes Big Nipples|W|P|9/12/2005 11:30:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Edward|W|P|Hey fucker, it's about time one of your posts made me laugh...out loud. We could almost be friends but you'd hate me, I'd hate you, it'd never work...9/14/2005 02:09:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger majestic1|W|P|nice tits and areolas9/15/2005 03:35:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger heavy_head|W|P|Fantastic puffies - there's never enough of them around9/15/2005 04:57:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Emma|W|P|ahahaha your blog is awesome thanks for having it
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Love your blog ! I'm bookmarking you!

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Check it out if you get time :-)9/12/2005 12:02:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| The good thing about having big tits is simple: with the right strapping and pushing and squeezing and shit, those fuckers can be shaped however you want. I am not too sure if this is good for the tit, and permanent damage may result in breast cancer, not a laughing matter, but a harsh reality of today's times, and girls just wanna look sexy for there men and don't even care about the risks at hand. I smoke and I drink and that shit will kill me, and knowing that shit will kill me won't stop me. The difference between me and Jessica in this situation is that what she's doing is seducing all of us to watch her stupid TV shows, where as I am just feeling sorry for myself and trying to speed up the inevitable....Her fearless ways should be inspiration to us all and if any of you girls reading this have small tits, don't worry about it, I like it all, but hopefully you've got a decent ass, cuz if you got no tits and no ass, bitch, I got plenty of losers I can introduce you to. |W|P|112649812206291168|W|P|I am - Jessica Simpson's Bra|W|P|9/19/2005 10:58:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Maezeppa|W|P|"sexy for there men"

should be "for their men?9/19/2005 11:01:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|do you have a huge problem for people who don't know the difference between their and there?

I have a feeling up are an uptight rotter, who can't handle anything being out of place.

That is why no man will stay with you for more than a shag or too (two)(to)

Go back to the library, no one asked for an editor.

Cunt9/11/2005 11:53:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I am not a picky person, I have a 300 pound wife who looks like she got hit by a bus. I came across this picture and realized that Ashlee Simpson looks fucking disgusting from the side. I figured I would post it, even though there is nothing funny about having a horrible looking side profile. I always feel like a bitch looks better with her face in the sand, so there's still much hope for Ashlee to get knocked up and shit....I would estimate that a good percentage of you are into Role Playing Games, Fantasy and Sci Fi, so a bitch that looks like a little elf must getting you fucking hard. Aren't you excited that I just gave you a boner. That totally makes you a fag. |W|P|112649772331460446|W|P|I am - Ashlee Simpson's Profile|W|P|9/12/2005 01:35:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Teknorat|W|P|Holy shit, I never realised. It looks like there's a chunk cut out of her lip.9/12/2005 07:41:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Lauren|W|P|I think she looks horrible from the front as well.9/13/2005 04:43:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Amanda Brightwell|W|P|I really hope your wife does not read your blog. And Ashlee Simpson is totally cute!9/15/2005 10:45:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|Dear Amanda Brightwell,
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It's an expression poor people used, to make themselves feel fashionable, I guess it caught on, 'cause now even celebs are doing it. Which goes to show how dumb fashion is.

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