7/26/2005 11:29:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| Obviously being on Big Brother doesn't give you any sense of what's hot or what's stylish, you're stuck in a house with a bunch of rednecks, not that I have seen the show, but I did see an episode with some cowboy hat rocking toothless guy and his long lost sister (that's what happens when you are trash, you lose your kids), anyway it doesn't matter, bitch is showing the world her cellulite ridden legs and her dirty little ass, and I know some of you will be mad, because you have no taste and this is how all the strippers at your local truck stop dress.....including your mom and sister, I hear they have a great lesbian show. It's okay, we all gotta make a livin' somehow. |W|P|112243722230642600|W|P|I am - Big Brother Chick's Outfit|W|P|7/27/2005 08:45:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz.....z.z.z.z.z.z..z.zz.z.z.zzz7/27/2005 08:45:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:45:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:45:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:45:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:45:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:46:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:47:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:47:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:47:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:47:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 08:47:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|zzzz....z.zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzzz.....zzzzz......z.zzz7/27/2005 10:17:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Hallenbeck3|W|P|Who is this chick? what big brother is she from?7/28/2005 12:31:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger jessca|W|P|what an idiotic outfit. She's going to go to the bathroom and come out with a big red case of toilet seat butt.7/28/2005 09:35:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger t4g|W|P|You will love this...
http://www.big-boys.com/articles/yellowtop.html7/29/2005 08:03:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|wow,he showed you jesus. what a bitch7/30/2005 01:50:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger awdy|W|P|tuckermax you are a dick,jesus, although i do agree with you on the outfit, i must admit i would'nt kick her out of bed. at least not untill i was done.7/31/2005 02:23:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|and if you're so tired tuckerfag what are you doing here?7/26/2005 11:05:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I assume you all know what a fat manager is, considering they are always the girls you end up with. I know I am giving you way too much credit by thinking you do actually get pussy, so let me rephrase that, a fat manager is the girl you would end up with if you actually left your house and talked to girls. If you still don't get it, because you are an idiot, the fat manager is the ugly girl that the hot girl surrounds herself with to make herself look better. The fat manager is a pain in the ass for people like me who like to fuck hot chicks because they always get dumped on you when you are moving in on the hot girl, they sit and talk to you, and you try to humor them and make them laugh because you think if she likes you, she will put the good word in for you. What you don't realize is that she ends up digging you and when you ask to be hooked up with the hotty cuz community service is over, she cock blocks you, guilt trips the hot girl, because she gets all the guys and life's not fair.....kill yourself if life's that hard you ugly bitch, and get out of my way, cuz I want your friend lickin my asshole and not you, but I will let you watch, cuz I am into that. Paris Hilton's got a couple fat managers at the beach...but who wants Paris' cunt, that shits seen more unprotected cock that an effeminate inmate with a life sentence.....rich girls don't have to use condoms....that's the rumor. |W|P|112243414392039414|W|P|I am - Paris Hilton's Fat Manager|W|P|7/27/2005 05:04:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Zeynep|W|P|the girl on the right is actually johnson & johnson heiress Casey Johnson.7/30/2005 06:54:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger drunkbh|W|P|Fat Manager=Cock Blocker7/26/2005 10:54:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| There's something amazing about small towns, and that something has to do with all the bored perverted hicks. They don't know what the fuck to do with themselves except fuck the neighbor's dog and videotape their wives getting facials from half the town, including your father, the highschool gym teacher and the police chief, because everyone is equally fucked up and you have all known each other from birth, it's only natural to turn monotony into opportunity and that always comes in the form of town gangbangs with the local slut. The benefit of having a town that is only 2 hours outside of the "big" city is that there's always one guy with the foresight to start something big, and in the case of Renfrew Canada, that came in the form of a Video Store/Sex Shop/Tanning Salon all under one roof. This shit is lateral expansion at it's finest and if they ever opened a fish taco stand in the back, I could call this shit home. Visit them at MovieMat |W|P|112243333251244301|W|P|I am - Small Town Canada|W|P|7/26/2005 10:44:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| It's unfortunate, Christina Aguilera is engaged, which means that for all you fucking losers, you will never be able to pretend that you have a chance, based on these pictures I wouldn't be so quick to think that though. This bitch obviously has low self esteem cuz her boyfriend doesn't look human. He has more flaws than most ugly people, he looks like a fucking primate. I know most of you aren't winning your local beauty pageants, and I know you don't have the kind of money this cat has, even his shoes are made of platinum, but I still think you have a chance, and so does your mother. We are the only 2 people who see your inner beauty, but at least your mom gets her asshole eaten out for it...what the fuck have you done for me lately, momma's boy. |W|P|112243267285955680|W|P|I am - Christina Aguilera's Fiance|W|P|7/27/2005 09:02:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger pez|W|P|Doughy. . . Hairy. . . Pale. . . = Christina's flesh dildo!!7/26/2005 10:26:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| Remember that fat chick who sat in the back of the class, she had no friends and she never got attention from the boys, even the fucking losers who were missing teeth, because bitch was that disgusting. She lacked the social skills needed to integrate, because not all ugly people are losers, but this bitch just couldn't hack it. She grew up, didn't go to college because her family couldn't afford it, and lived with her overweight mother until she died from diabetes complications. So this bitch maintained, by working the cash and taking over her mother's room, now lonlier and hurting on the inside more than ever. She waited and waited for Mr. Right to come along, she sat at her counter wishing that he would one day come in a sweep her off her feet after paying for his Air Compressor. Her fantasy never became a reality, so with her hard earned Walmart money, she put aside a little every week, eventually being able to afford the bottom of the line digital camera. She was horny one day, it happens to the best of us sometimes, especially when we are well over 30 and the closest we've ever been to the opposite sex is giving them their change. So one night, bitch sets up the camera, and brings her cat who doubles as her only surviving family member and her only friend, and get's down to business in her Bill Cosby pyjamas....that's where the bitch from highschool is today, this isn't an E! True Hollywood story, but it could be if she wasn't such a loser.....This is your life motherfucker, don't end up like the crazy cat lady in these pictures. |W|P|112243208965063107|W|P|I am - That Girl From Highschool|W|P|7/27/2005 03:06:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger ethan_the_heathen|W|P|Interesting thoughts Jesus, but if thats the case whos taking the pictures?7/27/2005 07:31:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Frank Rizzo|W|P|Well at least the bitch shaves!

Rizzo7/28/2005 05:43:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger No Life Girl|W|P|and this is the exact reason so many women are dying to get married and have kids. love ain't got nothing to do with it.7/29/2005 04:23:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Raptor2569|W|P|hahahaha now thats f'en funny!7/30/2005 11:34:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Suzy|W|P|Okay I laughed at your little tale, I always love reading your stories more so then the pics. Thanks for keeping me amused, - Suzy8/04/2005 06:48:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|this one made me sad!


sad face12/09/2005 04:10:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I would love to see more pics of this woman, she is kind of sexy.

Rog7/26/2005 10:16:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| You ever wonder what happens when a brother and sister fuck and see the pregnancy through, not because they want to, but because they are too stupid to realize that brothers can knock up sisters, and one day when Betty Sue feels a like she's got to doo harder than she's ever had to thanks to eating too much BBQ ribs and coleslaw at the town fair, to her surprise, while sitting on the toilet in the communal outhouse, little Kletus falls out....reality comes crashing down...could it be Pa's or was it brother Jed...anyway you get the idea and now here's a picture to bring that point home. Brothers and Sisters should not fuck, and if they do, they need to abort, even if the welfare check doesn't cover it, because trust me, the baby will end up like this. |W|P|112243095826419350|W|P|I am - Inbred of the Day|W|P|7/28/2005 02:25:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger cunt|W|P|Yeah hideous...but look at her big ass titties..NICE !!!!! A double bagger for sure.7/26/2005 09:08:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| You know when your life hits rock bottom, your wife cheats on you with your best friend, the bank comes after you because you can't make your credit card payments, immigration is on your fucking ass, they've almost tracked down where you are working under the table and where you live and motherfucker's are knocking on your door. Have you hit rock bottom? Have you turned to the bottle, even though you were already on the bottle, and the bottle's not taking away your pain? Where do you go from here. Well it seems like I have hit rock bottom, I've come to bring you posts and motherfucker's have shut down my image hosting. Life is a mess, this is worse than having to fuck my wife after goin out for Mexican food, this is better than the time I got busted for selling acid to minors. You all heard about the guy who would give out "stickers" to little kids on the playground and how those stickers were actually acid, well that motherfucker was me. Now you know. I haven't figured out an solution to this problem, but as a broke and lazy hurtbag it won't be easy, but I will have something up sooner than later and it will be better than it is now. You just gotta believe baby. |W|P|112242655499938852|W|P|I am - Hittin' Rock Bottom|W|P|7/26/2005 09:12:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger J Howard|W|P|yo jesus i believe dont listen to the naysayers you got it my man7/26/2005 09:32:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Edward|W|P|I think photobucket needs to be fucked by a drunken stepfather. We want vids of it...7/27/2005 01:17:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Team Fuck|W|P|welcome to the club.7/27/2005 03:08:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger ethan_the_heathen|W|P|Its alll up from the bottom. Unless the bottom gets deepers, thens its just sorta funny.9/26/2005 09:29:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger jenna|W|P|I appreciate your information on Funny Pictures. I just bookmarked your site and will be back regulalry to keep on top of it. Please check out my blog on Funny Pictures Exposed - I'd really appreciate it7/19/2005 11:23:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P|It's hotter than a Mexican Prison during a gangbang in this motherfucker. The heat makes me lazy, as it does for most self-respecting Mexicans. So if anyone asks I am on vacation and if you never want to come back, I will always remember than night in Denver. Keep in mind that it's not the end of an era, it's just the beginning. And in the meantime check out the Emma Bunton See-Through, Uma Thurman in a Bikini, Pink picking a wedgie, Petra Nemcova on the runway topless. Also check out the fleshlight discussion board and LPSG....and as many amateur porn sites that you can, but most importantly send me in naked pics of your girlfriends. I know you've never actually had a girlfriend....but fucking pretend. Your sex life is embarassing. See I am always hooking you up, Cuddles, Jesus Remember you can always email me at info@drunkenstepfather.com |W|P|112183065537684884|W|P|I am - Vactationing|W|P|7/19/2005 11:55:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger majestic1|W|P|where are the pics jesus?7/20/2005 12:04:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|i will post them later

i am just playing hard to get

i want more love

less hate7/20/2005 10:38:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger majestic1|W|P|more love ok U da man jesus ur so awesome man the world is a better place with u in it is that what u need jesus (^_^)7/20/2005 02:14:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Rusty|W|P|Pleassse, work su8cks today...my needs are real. It is too m-f'in hot in here!7/20/2005 04:52:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Randy|W|P|"I am - Vactationing"

Are you sure you're not V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N-I-N-G?7/20/2005 05:24:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|ok, once again we have some moronic cunthole bitching about a fucking spelling error. the first word in this website "william" is D R U N K E N you dumb bitch. ever try to type drunk? you would find it almost as hard to never make a typo as you did trying not to get caught by your dad jacking off to your mom in the shower. Eet ay dik willie!7/20/2005 09:00:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger ethan_the_heathen|W|P|ALL HAIL THE GREAT JESUS. BRINGER OF JOY TO OUR SHITTY LITTLE LIVES. SUCK MY DICK BITCH7/21/2005 01:44:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|I have the pictures... who needs JEsus/.7/21/2005 03:04:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/21/2005 03:26:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|Fuck off with your spam you fucking name theif.7/21/2005 03:48:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger ethan_the_heathen|W|P|Dammit Jesus! We all just want to bring some celebrity light into our shallow little shit-hole lives! What the fuck? Making us look around like some sort of sad freaks, and dammit I never talk like this! This self-degregation crap is getting too much! Bring us pics! Bring us updates! Bring us youre unique brand of humour! Vacations are only vacations when youre getting away from something, and a web site shouldnt be have to be concidered a responsibility! And furthermore... rabble rabble rabble! And then rabble rabble rabble! YEAH! Think about that Jesus! AND WHY THE FUCK IS THERE A MEXICAN IN CANADA ANYWAY!? I thought the French were bad enough! SHEESH!!!7/21/2005 04:47:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger ethan_the_heathen|W|P|Why the fuck would I care about some skinny ass model? I wants me some Emma Bunton! And why dont you go over and bad mouth Jesus on your own fucking Blog? Think people come here for your little bits of wisdom? Cuz.... THEY DONT.7/21/2005 05:01:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|I think the issue is that NO ONE goes to his blog. So he comes here and makes a spectacle, that I find really dull. Telling me that I suck doesn't change the fact that I hate myself more than you could ever hate me.

Tuckermaxx, it's not your fault you and your site is useless, keep spamming motherfucker, I will keep up the delete.7/21/2005 05:05:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|From: Tucker's Site-

"So I was going to talk about this pig I fucked the other day but I am afraid that the farmer who owns her reads this site, so Ill just tell you that it was awesome and now I know where the term "squeal like a pig" comes from."

Good One!7/21/2005 05:12:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger ethan_the_heathen|W|P|Wow. Thats a fucking stunning post Tucker. I see your point Jesus. Wow... What the fuck ever happened to natural selection?7/21/2005 08:16:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger majestic1|W|P|come on jesus we have begged enough post them pics man7/21/2005 10:12:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|wow, i'm on vicodin and i still don't think tuckermax is funny or interesting. i don't care how long you wait to post new shit jesus. just so long as you post some shit before i O.D. i still think this site is worthwhile, especially cuz of the one time you posted that picture i e-mailed you with my piss drunk friend.7/22/2005 12:32:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|The updates coming - you just have to be patient like Bozack (my favorite reader).

I am out of town, despite what you may think, I have other things to do with my time.

The site's not dead and you are missing out, this site is gold... it'll be back - updated next week, and updated daily starting August 1st.

It's fucking summer yo, girls are in bikinis everywhere and I love it.7/22/2005 08:25:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|I don't know what Ashlee's doing, she's taken the ugly 80s being cool thing to heart. I guess she missed the memo that 80s are not the 90s, she was probably at the doctor dealing with her acid reflux which is cool and I can relate. I am overweight and 35, acid reflux is our disease that isn't a disease and I take offense to her trying to bite my motherfucking rhyme

And this is suppose to be funny/good/interesting... Nigga please.

dont hate - just appreciate!7/22/2005 02:45:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger THE BONE|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/22/2005 08:31:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|I don't think any of the shit I write is funny, but I do think all of your posts are fucking weak. Keep it up though, I believe you can develop a style and fan base. You are going to the top tucker max...I feel it deep inside my man pussy.7/26/2005 07:13:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger BadGod|W|P|I kinda think that Jenna VanOy or whatever is hot.7/30/2005 11:37:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Suzy|W|P|Did you at least get laid on your vacation?9/26/2005 08:10:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger abigail|W|P|I love your information on Funny Pictures I bookmarked your blog and will be back soon. If you want, check out my blog on Funny Pictures Exposed - please come by7/14/2005 09:12:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| So here's the nipple picture all you motherfuckers have been looking for, I am not about to write a commentary on how nice nipples are to suck on, or how cool it is to not wear a bra, because no one really cares. I am also not going to write about how Mariah is a crackhead, her sister's an official whore and how I have always thought she looked like a man. I am not going to use the word "wardrobe malfunction", because I feel it is a term much like metrosexual, something I would never say because the losers in mainstream media coined it, and there is nothing cool about mainstream media, except for the anchor women, it's nice to see how nicely women have integrated their species into society....that's my post for the day...fuck you. |W|P|112134696989792031|W|P|I am - Mariah Carey Nipple|W|P|7/14/2005 10:15:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Big ass brown nipple. I likey!7/14/2005 10:23:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|That cookie looks so damn tasty, my mouth is watering just by looking at it. Now excuse me while I get down to business...7/14/2005 11:26:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger majestic1|W|P|damn that pic is horribley small there must be more come on jesus7/14/2005 12:20:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|you kick ass ! Been looking for that motherfuckin' pic and you're the only 1 who has it! Are there more?7/14/2005 12:40:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Edward|W|P|Metrosexual...wardrobe malfunction...imaginary nipple...worst post ever...Fuck you Jesus, if that's your real name...asshole.7/14/2005 12:44:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|edward

who gives a fuck about what you think?

there's a nipple on my computer...

the word metrosexual and wardrobe malfunction annoy me.

as does the fact that blogging idiots everywhere are running around trying to be the first to post the nipple

who gives a fuck...

i know you've never really seen a nipple, mommy didnt breast feed you....and that's probably the root of your anger...it's not my fault dude...you should take it out on her....maybe while she's sleeping....slip it in - nice and smooth motherfucker. "Bitch, this is for not breastfeeding me, now I am inside you...how's that feel mom...you incest slut...letting your own son fuck you" you get what I am saying...right?

CUDDLES....7/14/2005 12:51:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I'm not seeing anything in the picture you posted, just her signing autographs7/14/2005 12:55:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|I dont know dude - i saw nipple - i posted it - i didn't even really look at it - and I am not about to change it - it is not from the event - it's a fake - who cares...just pretend it's real...like you do about your "girlfriend" when your ganny asks how your sex life is....

"oh granny I have the greatest girlfriend ever and she loves me so much"

Granny doesn't need to know your girlfriend is a fleshlight

word7/14/2005 01:03:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Purple Hat|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/14/2005 02:25:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|http://www.hollywoodrag.com/index.php?/weblog/mariah_careys_dress_malfunction/ here the are from hrag7/14/2005 02:28:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/14/2005 04:48:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Fuck you Jesus, that is not a fucking nippple. You can't see shit. I thought you knew what a fucking nipple is, since you are married. Fucking wishfull pervert.7/14/2005 07:07:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger reymundo78|W|P|2 much poohaa for so poor a picture...
Jesus, can't you lay in hiding in mariah's bathroom and fix us an nice beavershot??
I would like to thank you in advance..
rajz7/14/2005 09:11:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|yum, yum.....7/14/2005 11:33:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|yeah right keep dreaming you horndog...7/15/2005 01:59:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Kill yourself, Jesus. I'll provide the fucking nails, you stub-nibbling assfucker!7/15/2005 10:23:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|i would like to bring the lord into my life...please help me.7/15/2005 12:45:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|if her nipple is postioned almost in the middle of her cleavage, then she has bigger problems than i thought. just like anon 12:51, all i see is her signing autographs, that plus a ton of skanky hair everywhere. and those other pics floating around of her areola peeking out are soooo photoshopped.7/17/2005 10:31:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/17/2005 02:29:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|She sure does have her nipple in a strange place.

Where's her bush? In the small of her back?7/17/2005 06:34:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Edward|W|P|Damn Jesus...chill out.7/17/2005 10:31:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger P@|W|P|I don't know what's more pathetic - not seeing a nipple, or trying to see a nipple...7/18/2005 02:14:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|When is this blog going to stop sucking? Remember the good old days before JM got famous on fleshbot and would post cool shit? Yeah, they're gone all we're left with is a fat mexican who doesn't care.7/18/2005 02:16:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 02:17:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Your a fucking tosser jesus martinez, why say this crap, i wish someone would slice YOUR throat with a razer blade in front of YOUR parents! you racist fuck! fuck off and die retard. no one likes you.7/18/2005 02:23:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|what he said: fuck off and die!

i use to think you were alright drunken stepfather, now your just another faggot that nobody likes that keeps posting in his own website pretending to be someone else and saying good stuff about himself to pretend somebody actually likes him, dude your not fooling anyone, just fuck off and die loser.7/18/2005 10:03:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This site gets worse by the day!!7/18/2005 10:13:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 10:27:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 10:33:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|your such a faggot jesus martinez, DRUNKEN STEPFATHER SUCKS DICK! you are so lame.7/18/2005 10:36:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|QUINTANA: "You said it, man. Nobody fucks with the Jesus."

  

Don't worry JM, they're all upset that another weekend passed and none of them could even score with a crack ho.7/18/2005 11:13:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|Dude

I have this fucking racist spammer who pretends to be me - it is annoying as fuck, only because he always writes the same fucking thing....

It's summer - go outside and get some fucking sun. You're the fucking loser for sitting here waiting for my updates all fucking day..

And they will be coming soon, stop being such a pussy about it7/18/2005 12:40:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|The only time I can stand niggers is when I am standing on them.7/18/2005 12:52:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|!Esta lleno de mierda pendejo! Hijo de puta !metetelo al funciete! Lo que necesita tu una pica de la cuca.7/18/2005 01:05:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:07:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:09:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:10:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:11:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:12:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:12:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:15:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:16:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:18:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:18:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:20:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:24:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 01:25:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 02:15:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/18/2005 04:03:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|If he's pretending to be you how come you have the same member profile7/18/2005 04:09:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|Easy,

When you post a comment:

Choose Identity: CLICK OTHER

Name: Jesus Martinez

Your Web Page: http://www.blogger.com/profile/55072087/19/2005 02:37:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Like this, spic?7/19/2005 11:01:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I dont mind the odd cock in my mouth here and there.7/19/2005 11:07:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|your such a loser Jesus Martinez with the whole 'If he's pretending to be you how come you have the same member profile' thing! why ask a question in your blog under anonymous name then answer your own question 3 minutes later.... sorry bro, but your a loser big time! i feel sorry for you bro, do you still live with your mum? geeking it up on the computer 24/7?7/19/2005 11:10:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Jesus Martinez is a big faggot racist cunt of a bitch, dude if i seen you getting bashed id join in and put your teeth on the kerb then jump on your head. go stick your dick back in the vaccum cleaner u fuckstick.7/19/2005 11:26:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Look assholes its not me. I cant fucking stand this shit anymore. Look you niggers, spicks, chinks, gooks mooks cooks and indian fuckfaces, THIS IS NOT ME. I ahte all races that are not white. I didnt say that.

FUCK YOU NIGGERS.7/19/2005 01:06:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|y'all don't really know jesus so
just find another cause..

i'm tired of mariah's picture..
updates yo7/19/2005 02:15:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Shit, you are right, anyone can do it. You need to fix that.7/19/2005 02:24:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|sorry
only members of blogger can post now
only because people were pretending to be me.

I have no problem with saying everything they want to say, racist or not, but I do have a problem with they pretend to me while they are doing it.

I got my own perspective on things, as do you...say it how it is, big up yourself, but don't put words in my mouth. It brings back too many memories of prison, only instead of words being shoved in my mouth it was herped up inmate cock.

Update coming soon.

Remember I love you...7/20/2005 12:42:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger sdk|W|P|Out of vague curiosity...how does one go about becoming an "official" whore.

I need to look into this...

sdk7/23/2005 06:52:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Senior Zapata|W|P|I can't see a damn thing!12/14/2005 06:15:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|will you fuck a 13 year old kid7/13/2005 01:33:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I was talking to this 15 year old whore the other day while at the local pool. I like to go check out the scene, it's summer and bathing suits make me happy. Anyway, this 15 year old bitch was rocking a one-piece bathing suit that her rich mom paid 400 dollars for. I don't have a problem spending that kind of money on a bathing suit, if you've got it and the suit makes you look good, but I will admit I was a little under-dressed in my soiled jogging pant cut-offs. Anyway this 15 year old girl was telling me why she doesn't wear bikinis, she claims that they are old news, I figure, what the fuck do I know, I like hot tits and a hot body, so the less it's covered the better. I guess Kelly Clarkson, your American idol felt the same way, only today forgot to change out of it before her performance (if you can call it that). Bitch was like I will just throw on a pair of jeans and a bra and I look good. It's not really something to freak out about, just remember she's from Texas and it all makes sense. Point of this post is to say, I know this shit's a stupid body suit, I did live through the 90s, sometimes surprised that I did, but I still saw my fair share - the one-piece bathing suit story was just to get you jealous that I know 15 year olds, you sick fuck. None of this changes the fact that Kelly Clarkson is a fat pig who should keep eating her bison burgers (the meat's leaner) |W|P|112123280144430557|W|P|I am - Kelly Clarkson One-Piece Bathing Suit|W|P|7/13/2005 08:48:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|That is the gayest get up I have ever seen.

Is she wearing a little kids vest too?

She looks like a retarded Jamie Lee Curtis from the movie Perfect.7/13/2005 08:51:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|fuck u jesus she is hot7/13/2005 12:39:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Considering my girlfriend has the same curvilinear body type and is of the same race as Kelly Clarkson, I'd have to disagree with you on this one.7/13/2005 01:52:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|K. Clarkson is thick, but there still something hot about her. If she got a reasonable boob-job, she would be so muchly more so.
Fire your stage-gear designer, Kelly.7/13/2005 03:11:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|she is a little meaty, but by no means fat. i would rather look at her than the skanky skeletwins (lohan & ritchie)7/13/2005 05:57:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|oh yeah i'd bang the FUCK outta that hot lil texas piggy! i bet her ass looks amazing getting slammed from the back. thick chicks rule!7/13/2005 09:02:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Dude... you wish you could tag her... waay off on this one7/13/2005 09:04:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|How about you make yourself usefull and get some pics of maria's top falling down... biatch.7/13/2005 09:17:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Why must Clarkson dick tease me so much? I love her curves, you call her fat, I call it just getting started. I would let her eat a bucket of wings off my dong anytime. BONG!7/14/2005 01:22:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|She is fat, but I would fuck her. Besides we know that the best diet a fat girl can go on is the completely wasted guy diet. The more alcohol I drink, the thinner Kelly Clarkson gets.7/14/2005 05:14:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Shes not fat for now but just take a look at her older sister and mother and you can see what her future could be...heffer territory. I agree bigger boobs could help but its that ghetto ass of hers that gets me oh so creamy in my pants.7/14/2005 12:55:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I'd like to see the backside of it and maybe w/o the pants7/15/2005 12:43:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|...ok...I'm pretty sure Jesus is kidding/being satirical/being a fuck, but I'm not sure about the rest of you guys?

thick? meaty? fat?
are you fucking stupid?

did any of you see her on her today show performance, where she was actually showing some tummy? HER STOMACH IS FLAT...give me a bulge in her belly and we'll talk about hitting it.....7/16/2005 07:45:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|WHERE THE FUK IS THE BOTTOM OF THE PICTURES I WANNA SEE IF SHES GOT A CAMEL TOE IN THAT GET UP AND BY THE WAY IF YOU CAN SEE HER BUSH THROUGH THAT BODYSUIT!!7/16/2005 08:47:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|HEY DUMB ASS, shes wearing really low hip hugger jeans!7/17/2005 12:58:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.9/26/2005 07:33:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger emily|W|P|I found a lot of useful info about Kelly Clarkson on your blog - thank you. I also have a new Kelly Clarkson Tips blog - please click over and have a look1/15/2006 10:23:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Hey, fuck off. YOur just jealous cuz you can't get ur ugly ass laid. 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It doesn't really matter, I don't want to come across bitter of their situations, because I am not. I am jealous of their size difference, only because he seems like a massive greek man, and she looks like a tiny alien on a mission to take geological samples back to her home planet, not to mention that as a greek man he digs ass sex, and as an alien - she has no genitals...it's a sad case of affairs, I guess I can relate to MK, I always feel guilty when I can't get it up for my wife....not because she doesn't have genitals (she has plenty of those) but because I can't deliver what she needs. She's fucking huge dude, if you saw her, you' understand After the jump Mary Kate desperate for Friends (like you) |W|P|112123275162762598|W|P|I am - Rich Kids In Love|W|P|7/13/2005 08:35:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|what does anybody see in the twins they are so ugly.7/13/2005 08:55:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|they have no boobs and no asses and any guy will be a giant compared to them it will look like he is making out with a kid7/13/2005 03:08:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|those child super models look more mature than both olsen monkey face wonder twins. at least her knees wont get bruised from sucking him off. she can stand & do it.7/13/2005 03:11:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I know they are now old enough to fuck, but are they big enough?7/16/2005 03:01:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|What are these guys fuck n nuts! I'd eat her ass raw dog. Shes wicked hot.7/17/2005 12:58:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/24/2005 10:24:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Frico|W|P|Shes not a girl: shes a hobbit!!!!7/25/2005 06:00:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger olsenassesrule|W|P|You idiots can have your crackhead whores, the Olsens are the finest, hottest pieces of ass ww will ever see!7/13/2005 01:32:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| Hair is the new bald, we established this a long time ago, and all you stripper bitches freaked out on me, telling me that I am disgusting for supporting the bush and that's bald's the only way to go, well fuck you, I have never been one to complain about a bald pussy, I was just telling you that hair is in so thank me later, when you're rockin a 70s bush and everyone's loving you for it. I guess the bikini wax is not about to go away, cuz even if hair is in, no one wants to see it crawling down your thigh....so maintenance I guess is key. This whole post was basically about nothing, hair or no hair you still want to watch this bikini waxing video. Video of a Brazilian Wax |W|P|112123277357208608|W|P|I am - Bikini Wax Video|W|P|7/13/2005 08:53:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|Who do these waxing bitches think they are ... dentists?7/14/2005 01:32:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|funny.......shtt must have hurt....it always hurts when i wax my balls........7/18/2005 10:41:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|These are just bitches too lazy to use a friggin' razor. Or else they like having some Asian/Mexican chick sticking their head down by their crotch and yanking out their pubes. Go figure.7/18/2005 07:56:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|wow! that's kinda hot!7/20/2005 10:33:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger gutttersnipe|W|P|Too lazy to use a razor? Stubble down there is vicious. When you wax, it's smooth as a baby's cheek for a couple of weeks. With a razor I've got stubble in about half an hour. A woman who spends $100 and sits still for excruciating pain is being THOUGHTFUL, not lazy. Dumbass.7/13/2005 01:31:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I don't know what Ashlee's doing, she's taken the ugly 80s being cool thing to heart. I guess she missed the memo that 80s are not the 90s, she was probably at the doctor dealing with her acid reflux which is cool and I can relate. I am overweight and 35, acid reflux is our disease that isn't a disease and I take offense to her trying to bite my motherfucking rhyme. So anyway, bitch is rocking the outfit she stole from the bitch who played Six on Blossom, and although she was the first pre-teen i remember having tits on TV, she's not someone you want to emulate...those were the dark years, 1991, I was living on a bench rockin the pipe and fucking inuit whores, but shit, when I always made it to a TV to watch Blossom. Six's Official Site |W|P|112123270828891766|W|P|I am - Ashlee Simpson as Six From Blossom|W|P|7/13/2005 08:49:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|six is alot better looking than this simpson7/13/2005 11:36:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|what a weird shot of has-beens all together in their prime!!.7/15/2005 02:23:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|the face looks more like paris hilton.7/17/2005 12:59:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.9/25/2005 09:29:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger jenna|W|P|I really enjoyed your content on Ashlee Simpsonand will be back very frequently! I actually have my own Ashlee Simpson Exposed blog with all kinds of stuff in it. You�re welcome to com by.7/13/2005 01:30:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I can't believe I am putting this link up, it's that bad, but I set out to write about what's going on out there, and by out there, I mean on the Internet, only because I hate venturing too far from my computer, I am sure you can relate, loser. When was the last time you socialized, and I am not talking about a hype IM conversation. Anyway, this is a site with links to a bunch of child models in sexy clothes, it's claiming that they are between the age of 8 and 17, but I have a lot of trouble believing it, I am sure they are all 18 and just haven't hit puberty yet, the kind of girl you may want, only because you can't get them pregnant...the fact is that this shit better not get any of you hard, because straight up, if it does you've got major fucking problems and I will never let you babysit my stepdaughters.... ChildSuperModels.com |W|P|112123265614017980|W|P|I am - ChildSuperModel.com|W|P|7/13/2005 03:21:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|this is just so sick, beyond words.7/13/2005 09:02:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger TuckerMax|W|P|I didnt even have to stroke my cock ... i came automatically. Thus making it not my fault.7/13/2005 10:38:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|What the fuck is wrong with people these days!7/13/2005 11:23:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|good fucking god. this is seriously sick. i'm referring to the whores on that site who can't wait to get their holes filled even though they're not legally allowed to do so yet. and for the rest of you, you know to keep your eye out for these cunts once they become legal in a few years at your favourite porn sites7/13/2005 02:59:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|sooooo incredibly twisted...maybe its a trap & they are tracking sick fucks. it felt really wrong looking at that shit. where are their mothers???7/13/2005 06:26:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE GIRLS' PARENTS????!!!!7/14/2005 09:41:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I looked at that for 2 seconds and I'm expecting the cops to knock down the door any moment. I thought I knew where the line was drawn for kiddy porn but this is some weird gray area. I mean they do put pictures of girls this young in bikinis for wal-mart ads, but still. Damn.7/14/2005 10:00:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|That was gross, what kind of parents let their daughters do that?!7/14/2005 05:01:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Look but dont touch.

Reminds me of Mischa Barton in the movie Lawn Dogs or Natalie Portman in Leon or Mandy Moore or the latest bit of celebrity jailbait Jojo.

There are lots of little girls desperate to be like Britney Spears and they dress up in crazy shit like this and look like oversexed whores without a clue of the messages they are sending out.

Fucking irresponsible parents.7/14/2005 09:42:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Very bad.7/14/2005 09:48:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|very very bad.7/15/2005 07:28:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|honesty, i would be afraid to even click once on the site. the FBI or who ever goes after sickos who like child pornography would be up your ass so quick that you wouldn't even feel it. this is terrible...so terrible7/15/2005 07:28:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Well I know that fashion is a big thing for girls from early teens to late woman in there life , and I think that they should be aloud to express them selves in the ways that they are , But the way that they are bieng displayed in these sites and that they are selling it to attract a market such as we all know what it is, I think that the parents should give there heads a shake or else let me do it for them, because the way that they are bieng displayed and the direct market they are after is wrong,sick and should be shot!!7/16/2005 03:29:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Brendan|W|P|that is SO FUCKING WRONG.

SO WRONG!7/16/2005 06:56:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Jesus,

I really like your site, but you are losing me with that one -- why would you promote that stuff to your readers? Not cool at all.7/17/2005 01:23:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|my neighbors kids are that age...disgusting!!! what happened to celebs with nip slips, and big titty hoes, etc...gross...7/17/2005 01:00:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/20/2005 11:11:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Darcun|W|P|The rabbit hole got even deeper. When you go to the links you end up in a foreign country looking at even more abominable shit. I logged off and I am eating my last meal as we speak and waiting for the FEDS.7/20/2005 11:13:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Darcun|W|P|By the way I deleted my ass off. That shit was sickening.7/20/2005 01:47:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger nicheal21|W|P|wow lil kids whit some shity PARENTS.they should be beat.8/06/2005 07:38:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger JT|W|P|Sir, I would like to use your post here on my blog to make others aware of this sick shit.
If it is ok please e-mail me jt_taint@ilovetaints.com
I would love to find some of these girls parents.
I would also imagine that some are runaways too.
I am going to hook that link up with


and let them look into that garbage.
Just fucking disgusting.
Thank you for this post.
Awareness is half the battle.12/07/2005 04:22:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|What kind of porn were you looking for when you found this, you hypocrite. Don't pass judgements on people you don't know.12/21/2005 02:19:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|this childsupermodel shit is wrong, i really cant believe that this site is actually up its straght disgusting, anyone who gets off on this shit should go for atleast the 18 and up range of girls, disspicable, some one should call childporn alert and report this site12/22/2005 06:19:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Stupid reasons for Judgement

You are a parent
yea ignorence is bliss.

You are a christian, or Muslim and you feel as below(human right biolation

How old was Mary when she had jesus

You think this is a violetion of human rights and also a manipulation of children.
Answer, you are right, but where do we draw the line, when do we start takning away kids from their parents because they believe and there practice thier beliefs diffrently.

I myself wish that we were all taught how to be responsible and indipendant working adults by our 15th birthday. But I don't see that happening. And only because the old people want to continue to control things like the economy and the corporate culture wars.

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What! WHat!7/13/2005 11:16:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|britney's a dumb hypocritical lyin shit whore. only such a cunt would want the likes of kfed. she must be number 10,000 of the holes he left his sperm in7/13/2005 01:57:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|The combo of Britney & K Fed's multi-generational in-bred genes?
That's a tasty cocktail.
That offspring will be lucky to have an I.Q. in the upper double digits. I'll bet she gonna be a really fucking good banjo player.7/13/2005 03:01:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|i read somewhere that her hillbilly husband should be wearing that shirt with the arrow pointing at britney.7/14/2005 01:30:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|The baby will be a boy. Also, he will grow up to be a totally flaming homo. My reasoning here is that Britney swallows Federline's load at least once a day, hence the baby will be so accustomed to a diet high in man gravy that he will have no other choice. (Where is team fuck when you need them?)7/14/2005 04:26:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|It has to be said, *** NO ONE *** does white trash like you Americans!!!!!!!7/14/2005 08:33:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|No shit. We are trend setters for you pussy euro-trash to emulate. But look at Britains inbred ass royal family. The original white trash that explains why brits have such fucked up teeth.7/14/2005 04:58:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Technically the British Royals are German7/17/2005 01:00:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/13/2005 01:28:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| You know him as Spock from Star Trek, as you should, considering you haven't really done anything on social since the last convention, you're an internet geek, and we wouldn't want you to change your ways. There is nothing wrong with living with your mom, until she dies and never tasting pussy. Just be happy you will always have the re-runs. The good thing about Spock is that he's moved from Star Trek and now takes pictures of naked fat girls, take his lead motherfucker. I am a little offended that he didn't ask me to get my wife to model for him, but I guess she's just too fat...discrimination comes from all angles. Speaking of Fat check out Playette, she's a whore. |W|P|112123260208165124|W|P|I am - Leonard Nimoy Photography|W|P|7/13/2005 10:11:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Which one looks most like your wife?7/13/2005 09:02:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Oh shit, having flashbacks from those bridesmaids I rode last night. Damn you Spoc, damn you to hell! At least the lights were out when I had their plumpy asses naked...oh wait they were just eclipsing the sun. BONG!7/15/2005 12:51:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I'd hit it...except for the short haired one...couldn't wing it...and the black girl's not that pretty (because she's not pretty, not because she's black...assholes)7/16/2005 05:23:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|There are photographs by Nimoy of leaner and possibly hotter women here

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big is beautiful :) (this is 12:51 again :-D)7/07/2005 09:17:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| As all the other celebs fall apart at the seam, get knocked up with white trash babies, release sex tapes, do mass amounts of drugs and jump off hotel balconies into pools, suck dick for jobs and waste away with diet pills, Christina Aguilera, the girl we all thought would have her cooch all up on the internet 3 years ago - maintains her shit. She's rockin out at some fashion show, too exclusive for you, and she's looking good. See I am not all bad. |W|P|112074229911801889|W|P|I am - Christina Aguilera Classed Up|W|P|7/07/2005 09:49:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|"i wish i was gwen stephanie pretending to be audrey hepburn"

but still she does look pretty nice there...glad to see it!!!7/07/2005 02:24:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|it's stefani dude...
and maybe stefani wants to be aguilera.
youth is something to be jealous of
especially when you are a washed up, flat chested, clown lookin' bitch like stefani.

Jesus Martinez, you're a cunt.7/07/2005 02:27:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Jesus, though an asshole, has correctly identified Christina.7/07/2005 03:28:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Stefani may be flat-chested, but I wish I was as washed up as her. How many CDs did you sell this year?7/07/2005 03:59:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|That is christina, stefani has no tits7/07/2005 05:01:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|who are these dumb fucks who can't tell the difference between those 2 whores? fuck gwen stefani and her limey ass fag of a husband. christina is way hotter as seen in these pictures.7/07/2005 07:09:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|it is christina..

and she still looks whoreish..
but the points are well made,
at least she hasn't turned out like
the others.. yet..7/07/2005 07:18:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Mo|W|P|Check out the bruises on Christina's shins - you know she's still getting drrty7/07/2005 08:45:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|thats christina applegate from married with children..7/07/2005 09:50:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I'd hit it...7/07/2005 10:50:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Gwen Stefani? Christina Applegate??? Are you guys farking retarded? Maybe if you weren't so busy beating off to the most recent Lohan pix you would realize that this is in fact Christina Aguilera. And it's not even close, boys. And though I hate to admit it, she looks better than ever in those stills.7/07/2005 11:08:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|stefani's a cunt who got fake boobs after getting married, after turning 30, and after being already famous for a nice face, whorish voice, and bad songs. she was a fat, unpopular chick in high school(like jesus) and she only got into a band cuz her brother started it. since then she's written garbage for idiots who like garbage. i dont care how many cd's she sold, bitch had implants cuz she's whore who needs to hold on to her equally untalented husband.7/07/2005 11:25:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|it's x-tina not stefani7/08/2005 01:59:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger majestic1|W|P|def x tina not gwens crack addict ass7/08/2005 03:58:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|That is Christina you stupid fucks. I know because of the leg bruising. She was kicked in the shins by Lohan. Christina was sucking me off, Lohan got jealous, so she fucking kick her. Whores fight dirty when going for the same cock, remember that! Lucky for them, for them they both got to share in the money shot! BONG!7/08/2005 06:30:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger majestic1|W|P|you r a moron she was sucking me off when lohan joined in7/08/2005 08:08:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|what the hell is wrong with christina's hand in these pics? she has like a cast or bandage around it. tennis elbow from handjobs?7/09/2005 06:33:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.7/09/2005 06:55:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Jesuz Martines you racist faggot, go fuck yourself tosser, you are suck a fucking loser and a poo pusher.7/09/2005 11:15:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|i am not the one who makes the racist comments, it's some internet loser who knows how to hack my blogger account...so fuck you for thinking I am a racist.
When you come back and see the site destroyed by a hacker, I have a feeling it's gonna happen....I like talking about bitches and drinking, racism is such a primitive form of humor...I am a little smarter than that...

The Real Jesus Martinez7/09/2005 11:19:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|It's really not that hard to pretend to be me...all you have to do in the comments is choose "Other" type in
Name: Jesus Martinez and Webpage: http://www.blogger.com/profile/5507208

Now everyone will think you are me...

There is a flaw in blogger's system.

And you racist little cunt who's defaming me...motherfucker...you aren't as smart as I thought you were...I was like this guy can't write for shit...but he can hack...he must be mad at the Asian Sex Position of the day from a while back...suck it up - stop being such a pussy...pussy7/09/2005 11:20:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|For those of you who care who the real me is, I am the one with a "Picture" in my comments....

When you do the "Other" Strategy, no picture comes up...

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As for Kimberly, come on! Her chest is flat and bony, shes got a flat ass and bronze tanned skin you see on a 60 year old with the potential fo getting skin cancer. Though she looks like shes got a nice camel toe and deep sphincter hole...still I more likely pass her up if ever there was a chance.

Hey, check out one of the funniest fucking talk radio shows ever:
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"Once a day everyone needs a BJ!"7/11/2005 02:30:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|no, stupid, it was kim stewart. look it up and then kill yourself.7/12/2005 04:48:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|No it was Paris you ass, I watch too much E! and VH1 to be wrong.7/12/2005 08:10:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Clearly not while you're sober. I don't remember if Kim Stewart was the other one, but I do know that while said dumbfuck drove off into the night and got dumped on her ass, Paris sat on her bike and laughed/didn't help/posed for more photos/acted like the celebwhore she is...7/13/2005 03:35:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Kim Stewart crashed the bike and Paris watched and gloated. You obviously don't watch ENOUGH E and Vh17/13/2005 08:08:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Ah shit, it must be because I'm going blind from jerkiing off to her sex vid way too much.7/16/2005 04:59:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Release a sex tape, whose kidding who, if she got a descent size cock into her she would probably split down the middle and as for them tits? ive seen bigger gooseberries.7/07/2005 09:16:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| The amazing thing about doing porn is that you can make any fantasy happen, as long as you've got enough money. There is always a girl somewhere desperate enough to suck you off, even if you weigh in at 300 pounds. I don't know how much this dude paid these bitches, but I do know where he found them, and that is at the bus station. These teen runaways were hungry and dude offered them a warm meal and a shower. That's my story and I know you are happy that I didn't say all women were whores, because everyone's got a price. watch clips here |W|P|112074220012324799|W|P|I am - Fat Porn of the Day|W|P|7/07/2005 12:52:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|EEEWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!7/07/2005 02:27:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Jesus Martinez - you're a fucking homo loving faggot ass bitch. Why the hell would you post about a fat guy getting a blow job, let me guess that's video footage of you and your nasty fucking stepdaughters. disgusting trash that you are.7/07/2005 05:07:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger MrBozack|W|P|Fat porn rocks. Fuck you anonymous pussy ass bitch. The humor factor alone makes fat porn more worthwhile than your shithead life.7/11/2005 02:28:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|conmotherfuckingcurred.7/14/2005 05:04:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|having found jesus (the other one) i now hang around in bus stations to suck fat guys dicks, its the christian thing to do.9/26/2005 05:34:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Mikey|W|P|Great work on your blog - it was very enlightening. You've got a lot of useful info on there about Funny Pictures so I've bookmarked your site so I don't lose it. I'm doing a lot of research on Funny Pictures Exposed and have just started a new blog - I'd really appreciate your comments9/26/2005 06:04:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Mikey|W|P|I love your information on Cameron Diaz I bookmarked your blog and will be back soon. If you want, check out my blog on Cameron Diaz Exposed - please come by7/07/2005 09:15:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| When the majority of your career involves sucking rockstar cock, contracting hepatitis and running around in a bathing suit it's hard to turn off the slut, it's what makes you who you are. I thought it was nice to post a few pictures reminiscent of Pam's baywatch days, a silcone bitch running may not be your favorite thing, but I tend to park outside strip clubs to watch the girls running into work, you know, late for their shifts, trying to get there on time, because even though getting drunk and naked is their gig, they still possess a certain work ethic. I have spent many nights with strippers, and when you show them a little cash, they are the hardest group of people out there. |W|P|112074216767124743|W|P|I am - Pam Anderson Baywatchin'|W|P|7/07/2005 03:08:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Pam Anderson is the hottest almost 40 year old in hollywood and you are an idiot for saying otherwise. She was the first celebrity I ever wanted to slam...and she remains the girl of my dreams....so fuck you Jesus.7/07/2005 03:55:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|where the fuck are her shoes?7/07/2005 11:57:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|See what happens when you speak the truth and shit all over some dumb-ass's dream. He then wants to fuck you!7/09/2005 07:37:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|ewwww
look at her cellulite ridden legs
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