2/28/2005 11:45:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| I am a little late on this one. Saw it earlier today, and didn't further investigate. Britney is out an about without a bra. We all know that's the trend, we also all know that white trash can't afford bras, so when in your hometown, do what the locals do....Her nipples aim south. Further proof she didn't get implants, and if she did, girl needs a motherfucking refund. That's like the time I went to an all you can eat shrimp buffet, and the shit gave me herpes. I went back a month later, complained and got a 10% off coupon. Britney needs to be doing that shit with her implants yo.... Via TaxiDriver |W|P|110965241739733549|W|P|I am - Britney Spears Forgot Her Bra|W|P|3/01/2005 03:44:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|yay, this is the type of shit we like to see on drunken stepfather

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First of all, way to miss the boat on the pics since this has been out for a while.

Second, these pics were proved to be Photoshopped and of course are FAKED.

Sorry to disappoint you Hey-Zeus.3/01/2005 03:32:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|looks like someone beat her ass with a sock full of nickels4/20/2005 01:13:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|THE FACE ONES R REAL BUT THE ASS ONES R FAKEEE5/25/2005 10:33:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|What a dumb-ass! Wait...you mean Photoshop's only use is to make the unattractive look attractive?! You don't suppose...it's a stretch, here...you don't suppose it MIGHT be used from time to time to make the attractive look like shit?! Nooooooooo! I'm sure every dog face, cottage-cheese ass picture I see waiting in line at the grocery store is 100% legit.

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First picture, eyebrow ring.. left side.

Second Picture, eyebrow ring.. right side.

Third Picture, eyebrow ring.. left side.

Wtf?3/01/2005 02:59:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger JohnO|W|P|It's common for images to flipped for publication.3/14/2005 05:30:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|You can go to www.imdb.com and look her up.. it has a few quotes from her in her bio about hitting hard times and doing porn.

I stumbled apon this when I was trying to think of the Family Matters them song and found "Judy Winslow in porn" as a search result3/14/2005 05:32:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|You can go to www.imdb.com and look her up.. it has a few quotes from her in her bio about hitting hard times and doing porn.

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Shift with the manual transmission 711. Shine the bishop 712. Shine the car 713. Shine the helmet 714. Shine the pole 715. Shine the spear 716. Shine the telescope 717. Shine the wood 718. Shine your salami 719. Shock the monkey 720. Shoot for pearls 721. Shoot hoops 722. Shoot old yeller 723. Shoot putty at the moon 724. Shoot putty at the moon 725. Shoot the gun 726. Shoot the plane 727. Short-arm stroking 728. Shroom pullin' 729. Shuck the corn cob 730. Shuck the cornstalk 731. Sin dirty with thy self 732. Siphon the python 733. Skin the sarge 734. Skin the sausage 735. Skin your frank 736. Slam the ham 737. Slam the stick 738. Slap little Johnny behind the German helmet 739. Slap spanky 740. Slap the bishop 741. Slap the carrot 742. Slap the dick 743. Slap the dummy 744. Slap the ham 745. Slap the salami 746. Slap the salmon 747. Slap the sausage 748. Slap the stick 749. Slap you cock 750. Slay the dragon 751. Slick the stick 752. 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Sporting the tent 801. Spraying the belly with sticky white love-piss 802. Spunk the monkey 803. Spunk up 804. Squeeze a few rounds off on the pump action shotgun 805. Squeeze cheese 806. Squeeze off a load 807. Squeeze one off 808. Squeeze the big guy 809. Squeeze the Charmin 810. Squeeze the Cyclops 811. Squeeze the duck's head 812. Squeeze the juice out the head 813. Squeeze the lemon 814. Squeeze the sausage 815. Squeeze the squid 816. Squeeze the tomato 817. Squeeze the Twinkie 818. Squeeze you lizard 819. Squirt the Bert 820. Squish the squid 821. Stain the mitt 822. Start the engine 823. Start the lawnmower 824. Stick it 825. Stick shifting 826. Stock 827. Stoke the Strokin' stack 828. Strangle the bishop 829. Strangle the one-eyed trouser snake 830. Strangle the snake 831. Strangle the snake 832. Strangle the warrior 833. Stress reliever 834. Stretch it 835. Stretch one out 836. Stretch the salami 837. Stretching the truth 838. Strike oil 839. Strip the bark 840. Stroke 841. 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White water wristing 1020. Whittle the wood 1021. Whoop the mule 1022. Whoop your pudd 1023. Wind up the cock clock 1024. Wind your sun dial 1025. Windsurf on Mt. Baldy 1026. Withdraw from the spankbank 1027. Work out the third leg 1028. Workin' it 1029. Working the wiligger 1030. Wrestle the bald head champion 1031. Wrestle the champ 1032. Wrestle the turkey 1033. Wrestle with Jimmy 1034. Wrestle with the one eyed champ 1035. Wrestle with the one-eyed monster 1036. Wrestle with the one-eyed-trouser snake 1037. Yank off 1038. Yank the chain 1039. Yank the crank 1040. Yank the dog 1041. Yank the plank 1042. Yank the sausage 1043. Yank the Yankee 1044. Yankie the Wankie 1045. Yolk the egg |W|P|110895784357052918|W|P|I am - Masturbation List|W|P|2/28/2005 12:40:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|your formatting is fucked
good job on the numbering
i am so glad you are provided by the social services and I don't have to pay your ass,...2/28/2005 08:52:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| The Videos of the day come from a variety of places. Places we love, places we hate, and places we have tried to forget about after the night we were raped there. I guess rape is never funny, even when you are raping a clown. I know that's a stupid joke, but I guess I felt the need to address the issue....
CuntFlaps Audi Ski Slope Wake Me Up Before you Go(go) The Reason Hip Hop is Dead Retarded Dancing Girl College Girls Flashing Drunk Girl Makes Fuck Drunk Anna Nicole Smith....(old) Skateboard Footage Michael Jackson "Thriller" I don't know what the hell this is....
|W|P|110956705481516050|W|P|I am - Videos of the Day|W|P|2/28/2005 08:38:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| There comes a time in everyone's life where they are at a loss for words. This is the case for me after reading the following post in DollForum.com. I couldn't believe what this guy had to say and I like to think that I am well versed in the art of perversion, but this was completely unexpected. Read the entry - Pics after the jump, notice his ridiculously large doll collection. Some people are freaks, others are creeps. The scariest thing is that this guy could be your neighbor, or even your kid's swimming instructor. Enjoy.
I was in the "violence toward women" section of Blockbuster Video which has a window that looks out across the mall to the Sears store where I noticed a female mannequin on a table being examined by a male doctor mannequin. I had to see this up close. Cool! A portable Craftsman® Gynecological Exam Table for do-it-yourself folks. It has been said that you are not really a woman until you have been humiliated on one of these devices and I know Angel wants to be a real woman so I had to get it for her. Only a medical doctor has the training to properly humiliate a woman on this table by refrigerating the speculum, room temperature set to 60 degrees F, and notifying the window washers to be on their platform outside the window. Angel loves being examined before playtime and this table makes sex with a doll a real joy and cleaning is easy. I love Craftsman® Tools.
Pics After the Jump...I seriously wonder what he was thinking when he was taking these.... |W|P|110956015052042773|W|P|I am - Realdoll goes to the gyno|W|P|3/01/2005 02:39:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I think that guy should go to jail. Straight up, that was scary. Why were there so many dolls, why was he having sex with a doll, and why did he have such an elaborate setup for having sex with a doll. Even if that was a joke, theres some truth to it cause I couldn't even come up with something that fucked up.3/01/2005 02:41:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|No wait...not jail. Show his mom, and grandma. Then the news, then let the fucker go.3/01/2005 03:06:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|That dude is for real
And he is fucking creepy as shit3/01/2005 05:14:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|why should he go to jail? What law is being violated? yeah he's a creep, but it's a doll, not a human. a lot of people have the sex dolls. although I must say the presence of 50 million china dolls all over the living room ads a really disturbing edge. Regardless of the guy being a wack-job freak-a-zoid, going to jail for that is like going to jail for fucking a pillow that has a picture of jenna jameson's face stuck to it.
and can you truely say you've never done that?....3/02/2005 05:35:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|that guy's a creep... what freaked me out the most was that he said that "you have to be humiliated on one of thise devices." WTF? and what's more, he's personifying a doll.

somebody should send him to a shrink.3/02/2005 09:10:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I think he is the perfect man for me! I would love to be his doll! I'm petite and I even have long blonde hair! I'm built as well as she, but with a little nip n tuck, I could be!

Hey, Sexy man - want a little Debbie Doll? write to me at ladyphotographer4u@yahoo.com3/02/2005 10:24:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|To the ignorant morons that suggested jail-time, you folks should simply be expelled from the country, post haste, and not allowed back inside the border until you've passed a 6th grade civics final. Jesus H Christ, jail is for people that break laws and hurt people. Just because this guy needs help doesn't mean he deserves to be punished.3/02/2005 10:31:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|Does the H stand for Hernadez? My parents were too poor to give me a middle name... I am stuck with Jesus Martinez. We are hispanic - normally naming is the one thing we are rich in... but not my whore of a mother...no seriously she was a whore...that's how I was conceived.....3/03/2005 01:20:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|The question you're all missing is... What's the sears part number of that table??3/03/2005 01:36:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|First of all, I'm not the guy that you're picking on here, but I'm a member of the Doll Forum, and I have a RealDoll of my own. I know this guy, and I've actually met him. He's not sick, he was being sarcastic with his post. It's called 'having a sense of humour'.

Secondly, why would you suggest that he needs psychiatric help? As far as I see it, a lot of people who own RealDolls or the like are pretty happy individuals. We aren't sick, we're not serial killers or criminals, and I can't think of any legal reason why we should be sent to jail. For the most part, Doll owners want to be happy, and Dolls make us happy. What's wrong with having sex or even just appreciating a beautiful artificial woman whenever you want to?

The way I see it, most doll-bashers are either jealous cos they can't afford a Doll of their own, or they have some stupid unexplained fear of Dolls, and they project their hate onto owners. We don't bother anyone, so you really have no right to make fun of us.3/03/2005 02:25:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I personally find the Real Dolls icky & weird (though fascinating), but I agree with the Doll owner's post. What this guy does with his private time and money is his business, as long as it hurts no one else.

The pictures are classic BDSM poses, with one key difference: Consent is not an issue here. Inanimate objects are incapable of giving or denying consent. Case closed, no laws broken.

Okay yes, the whole scenario is kind of creepy. Is there underlying misogyny in owning artificial women? Maybe, maybe not. Of course much of the thrill in owning Dolls is to do whatever you want to it. Some people would say that this kind of behavior leads to actual violence against women, but that's as near-sighted as saying that enjoying porn leads to violence. You would have to weigh this against all the other activities/behavior in the guy's life.6/01/2005 01:15:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I appreciate the comments of the ones who don´t see a thing wrong with the owner of that blonde Real Doll, and the other guy that comes from The Doll Forum as well, I am a member of that comunity, in fact, I am a moderator, and I just want to ask all of you doll bashers out there one thing...

Just what is it with you guys?! why do you make fun of us? have we ever done a thing to any of you? having a Real Doll is a REAL luxury that not everyone can have, I will have a Real Doll in the future for myself, and no, I´m not sick or perverted, I´m perfectly sane, and knows how to difference good from evil, and Real Dolls are NOT evil...

So, I welcome any of you doll bashers to look for me in The Doll Forum, and ask me whatever you want, concerning these kinds of dolls, and if I turn a Real Doll Basher into a Real Doll owner, than I would be one happy guy.

How can you get to the Doll Forum, you ask?,... well... figure it out yourselfs!

By the way... look for Fargo, that´s how you people will find me once you find the website...6/12/2005 03:06:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I'm a masturbator. Humping your fist, a silicone pussy, or an entire silicone doll for that matter is masturbation.
With your fist, 100% of the fantasy comes from your mind. (Does your hand turn you on?)
With a doll, suspension of disbelief takes away some of that %. I doubt most get off many times on the act of humping a doll, any more than people get off simply rubbing their junk. Boring. It's an entire mind fantasy that completes it. A doll makes it easier for your mind to jump the gap from reality to fantasy when masturbating.
I'm sure there are some creeps that own dolls. However, not all doll owners are creeps.2/28/2005 01:41:00 a.m.|W|P|Brad Goldstein -Lawyer|W|P| Here are some fun links to keep you happy. If would like to send me a link, email me at:brad |W|P|110929657470000191|W|P|I am - Link Dump|W|P|2/27/2005 08:59:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| Not a girl, not yet a woman, this pre-op drag queen knows how to rock the cock and the mic. Her humble roots at a gay bath house, sleeping with "straight men" who would ask her to dress like a woman so that they didn't have to come to terms with their homosexuality inspired her to perform. She sings about how she may not have tits and she may have a dick, but baby, you'll still want to fuck her. Tranie Tronic is on a mission and these are the videos for you to get down to. Reminds me of the time my uncle dressed me up like a woman, to get me across the border. The problem was, he wouldn't let me take my dress off.
Tranie Tronic Boy Like You Dirty Lil' Secret Good Gurl Bonus Picture Slideshow Picture SlideShow
|W|P|110955609489383050|W|P|I am - Tranie Tronic|W|P|2/26/2005 06:06:00 p.m.|W|P|Brad Goldstein -Lawyer|W|P| Some of the favorite posts of the week. Just in Case you missed them. If you liked another post link to it in the comments. |W|P|110628801064859373|W|P|I am - The Best of The Stepfather Weekly Roundup|W|P|2/26/2005 04:26:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P| Here are a few videos, if you have any interesting clips send them in. We have no problem making you famous.
Christina Aguilera Video Flash - Music Video Porn Star - Does Not Like it Rough Dancing Soldiers Sneaker Pimps in Thailand Locker Room Hidden Cam - Probably Illegal
|W|P|110945340026396130|W|P|I am - Videos of the Day|W|P|2/25/2005 06:15:00 p.m.|W|P|loulou|W|P| Today I woke up and had the craziest dream about my ex. You know the ones that you could swear actually happened. Yup one of those. Where you wake up sweating cuz you just saw your ex fuck his brains out with some small cute European girl. I think that you can go insane this way. I really do. I was thinking that post coitus would have helped me on my way upward and onward past this feeling of complete rejection. However, last weekend’s fiasco and his prepubescent body only made me realize more that I still care about that lying sack of shit. That goatfucker that is prancing around Middle America with some gross blond clubby girl with fake nails and bad eye makeup. With her round breasts bursting from her $18.99 club outfit, ordering Tom Collins, “cuz the color looks great under the bar lights" It is truly not fair. Whereas, I end up eating a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with some guy. Maybe boy. Who redefines the word megalomaniac. And his breath could have literally burnt a hole through the bar table. |W|P|110936343865993264|W|P|I am-BreAK uP GiRL|W|P|2/25/2005 06:58:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger livemtl|W|P|loulou please go on a date with me, I'll help you get rid of the goatfucker forever.
Jesus can put u in touch with me...2/25/2005 07:22:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|you are the best thing to happen in my life2/25/2005 07:27:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|fuck men - they are a waste of time and will never treat you as well as another woman would.

I had a boyfriend do the same fucking thing to me and I just told myself "never again".

Women need to be in the driver's seat. Break-Up Girl, we need to grab some drinks, and go dancing....it will do both of us somegood.

FUCK MEN!!2/25/2005 07:35:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Brad Goldstein -Lawyer|W|P|Break up girl you are a Star. I am so happy to see your posts. They balance out the horror left in my brain from the trail Jesus got me involved in Mexico in 19572/25/2005 07:37:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I doubt LouLou would ever talk to you Livemtl. Based on your shitty posts i can tell you are a phony intellectual loser2/25/2005 07:42:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|Lou Lou

The smell of shit is seeping from my pores after reading that post.

It is not because it was bad, it is because this ex boyfriend is a cunt and deserves to be beaten

Post his phone number

We will make sure he gets his...
him and his little slut...2/25/2005 10:25:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Oh this shit is so fcuking amazing, lets see some more posts on t-shirts or more 'born today' posts!, you bloody suck, this website use to be cool, now its changed, is there a reason why? i have deleted from my favourites & im sure many other people done the same, as there is no use for this website anymore,i use to check this website every day knowing that there would always be good posts with clebs & nudity & now its just so god damn crap & boring! we want celebs naked, fresh from paparazzi.2/25/2005 10:31:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|i agree2/25/2005 10:39:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Get a life. Go jerk it somewhere else!2/26/2005 12:59:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|i get the feeling that the same 1 person posts all the comments on this site!! & pretends they r someone else! just to make everyone think that people actually like this site! its so sad

i also agree with the anonymous that said this site has changed, there so thats 3 to 12/26/2005 01:38:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|i get the feeling that the same 1 person posts all the comments on this site!! & pretends they r someone else! just to make everyone think that people actually like this site! its so sad

i also agree with the anonymous that said this site has changed, there so thats 3 to 12/26/2005 05:34:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Jesus Martinez|W|P|anonymous

highlight this, right click, copy and drop it in your browser

yes - i have an ego
and fuck you

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v287/dwerd/server.gif2/26/2005 08:29:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|either that image is inverted or you visited your own site 100 thousand times, or theres just a whole bunch of weirdo unsociable people who love to see check your site thousands of times a day in the hope of seeing more posts on TSHIRTS!!!2/26/2005 08:42:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|i think i found the real stats for drunken stepfather:

http://img234.exs.cx/img234/9169/realstats8jd.jpg2/26/2005 12:38:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Brad Goldstein -Lawyer|W|P|thank you for finding the real stats anonymous. I wonder how our traffic peaked with the Lohan nipple slip when we only started this a few months ago. After the nipple incident.2/26/2005 02:40:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|The enema post was a huge success!2/25/2005 12:13:00 p.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P|The urethra has always been a place of interest for men everywhere. It is the hole from which they pee. Men have an inclination to enjoy sticking things in holes, and the fact that they come with their very own hole in their penis, it is inevitable that weird people everywhere do a little insertion every now and then. I have never taken it upon myself to stick anything in my pee hole, but I was once part of a science experiment. I needed money, and they were looking for subjects. It was one of the best times of my life......
Sensory thresholds in the male urethra measured by electrical stimulation. Brekkan E, Flink R, Wallin G. Department of Urology, University Hospital, Uppsala, Sweden. The sensory pathways innervating the male urethra were investigated by recording the sensory thresholds with electrical stimulation. Twenty-six male subjects (age 16 to 73 years) were included in the study. Ring-electrodes mounted on a Foley catheter were used for stimulation in proximal and distal urethra. Square wave pulses (duration 0.5 ms) were delivered with a constant current stimulator at different frequencies and the lowest intensity felt by the subject was defined as the threshold. The sensory thresholds were in the order of 0.5 to 5 mA and decreased with increasing stimulation frequency. All patients described a qualitative difference in the experienced sensation when comparing proximal and distal urethral stimulation. The reason for this is discussed. The possible use of this method as an adjunct to the urodynamic investigation in diagnosing neurogenic lesions is proposed. PMID: 3201172 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Urethra Masturbation Stories - After the Jump These are from some masturbation site, where people felt the need to describe their urethral masturbation techniques...pretty funny....
Nail it (warning: this is very dangerous and not recommended) I take a small nail and insert it into my penis through my pee hole and gently push it in until I can feel it deep inside me. The deeper it goes, the closer I get to an orgasm, until the sensation of the nail inside my penis eventually initiates an ejaculation.
Stick it where? (Note: this is dangerous and not recommended) I like to stick something up my dick . This may sound weird , but it truly adds to the sensation of jerking off. I usually use a thermometer (the small ones), plus you will immediately know if you are running a fever !
Pine needle (Note: this is dangerous and not recommended) During truth or dare last month I was dared to stick a pine needle into my dick and pump it in and out. At first I thought it would hurt but after only a few minutes I had the biggest orgasm of my life.
Piss hole poking I like to slide a flexible and smooth tube into my urethra and work it in and out until I cum. I use the clear plastic tube so I can watch my cum pump thru it as I get off.
|W|P|110935247072587695|W|P|I am - Urethral Masturbation|W|P|2/28/2005 12:52:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|To anyone reading this, just let me say, don't try it. I tried it once while I was working my way through the masturbation chapter in "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex."

Really. Really. Painful. Not pleasurable. Painful.2/28/2005 10:12:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Ditto to the last comment. Did this once after reading "Everything You Always Wanted to Know..." when I was young and dumb and paid for it with with surgery fifteen years later.

Believe me, having a "stricture" of scar tissue removed from your urethra is not a procedure that you'd ever want to go through.2/25/2005 11:29:00 a.m.|W|P|Jesus Martinez|W|P|The problem with being poor, is not the ugly clothes you wear, or the shitty car you drive, or the addiction, broken homes and mold and mildew problems in the trailer...it is the lack of having a server to host files like this insanity. The insanity I am talking about is Fred Durst sex tape with him fucking some girl. Her ass is spread and he moves in real slow...a little in/out celebrity sex tape style. No one gives a fuck who he is, so this is an attempt to get some exposure. He did it all for the nookie....that cunt Follow the rapidshare directions - Click Free and then download this bitch. When I find a streaming version, I will hook a brother up.... FRED DURST SEX TAPE VIA RAPIDSHARE Streaming Video This Post Was Made Possible By CaptainCum.cc UPDATE: Fred Durst Sex Tape Lawsuit UPDATE: The Limp Bizkit porn leak could lead to Hilton hacker doing the math on Fred Durst's teeny weenie |W|P|110934934013810013|W|P|I am - Fred Durst Sex Tape|W|P|2/25/2005 03:18:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|He's just trying to get attention since he sucks. He should just fall off the earth and take his band with him. Loser.2/25/2005 06:29:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|That girl looks like the chick hanging on H.Duff's arm in that IceBreakers Commerical.2/25/2005 09:51:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|its his comeback for getting his balls crushed from paris's emails2/25/2005 10:04:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Titty Lover|W|P|Damn, Limp Bizzzkit must be begging for some new publicity. Fred Durst is looking like he is getting fat too...totally funny.
Big Titty Blog2/26/2005 04:02:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.3/06/2005 03:32:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Fred Durst sucks shit. He's just pissed the world sees him as a has been with a little cock.3/08/2005 01:00:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Well i can not believe his dick is so little and he needs to sue someone he cant sue his mom or dad for it. all the celebs are a joke3/08/2005 07:47:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|i think his dick is a nice size. very hot. he is my stud3/08/2005 09:27:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I think he looks hot4/28/2005 01:03:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|his cock is not that small.....i think he´s hot too....i´ll love to suck that dick man!!!! although i´m a man...7/16/2005 07:35:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|i dont think his dick is that small either id love to give him a nice hot blow job
of course my being a gay male i doubt he would be into it but i sure as hell would i think he sucks at music and most likely is a big asshole in real life but dude dont be hatin on the mans dick

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#2)Téa Leoni (02/25/1966 – ) actor (married to David Duchovny)
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#1)Pierre Auguste Renoir (02/25/1841 – 12/17/1919) French artist
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Birthday pics + more after the Jump
Who was Bobby Riggs? Tea - Renoir - Web Museum |W|P|110896587354997374|W|P|I am - Born Today Feb 25|W|P|2/25/2005 04:47:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger masked superstar|W|P|it is Ric Flair's birthday, he is #19/26/2005 06:23:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger Clifford|W|P|I really enjoyed your content on Funny Picturesand will be back very frequently! I actually have my own Funny Pictures Exposed blog with all kinds of stuff in it. You�re welcome to com by.2/24/2005 11:41:00 p.m.|W|P|Brad Goldstein -Lawyer|W|P| Here are some fun links to keep you happy. If would like to send me a link, email me at:brad |W|P|110896788915243565|W|P|I am - Link Dump|W|P|2/24/2005 12:35:00 p.m.|W|P|Brad Goldstein -Lawyer|W|P|Well if you thought this scandal would end with the topless lesbian cell phone pictures, celebrity phone book and personal notebook then you would have been wrong. The scandal surronding the hacking of Paris Hilton's sidekick is about to get bigger. Everyone it seems forgot that she has those t-mobile email/text messages on the server as well as the other stuff. And now we have got several of these emails.But the reason these caught our attention is that three of the emails are between Lindsay Lohan and Paris. And as you all know by now, we are "THE HOME OF LOHAN". I found it odd that Lindsay gossips to paris about Jessica than ends with god bless. I also want to let any celebrity know that I am available for any drug cases as I am every expercienced in this field. Because of Jesus I have gotten more than one 4 am call asking me to bail him out.
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 22:28:25 -0800 Show full headers From Lindsay Lohan To Paris Subject Private Jessica simpson was just totally doing blow in bathroom @ bar downstairs of shoreclub -god bless lindsaylohan
More Paris Emails, News and Sidekick launch party pictures AFTER THE JUMP
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 04:20:39 -0500 Show full headers From Jay To Subject Hi, Paris Quick note to let you know that you're absolutely gorgeous. -- Jay
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 23:19:39 +0000 GMT Show full headers From Simonrex To Paris Subject ….. U are the best fuck ever. I'm getting hard thinkin about your body Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 17:48:40 -0800 Show full headers From Lindsay Lohan To Paris Hilton Subject Re: Didn't see Lip syncher…. HAVE SOMEONE SET HER UP DOING COKE On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 5:39 pm, Paris Hilton wrote: >Ashley just won female artist of the year and everyone booed her >so fukin funny >--parishilton -lindsaylohan
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 17:39:23 -0500 Show full headers From Dillinger To Paris Hilton Subject Re: Fw:daz Kool baby …….would u wannna rap on 1of my songs 4 my new album.. A song called Tow up from tha floo up…3vodka Daz Dillinger…….
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 01:59:23 +0000 GMT Show full headers From Guy O To Paris Hilton Subject Re: Hey babe you don't need to let people know that your stoned and drunk.. It is not attractive.. Well, not attractive to the right type of people.. Secondly, you don't need to write a letter to someone you care about while stoned… Its not always the best time to share your feelings… Its better to be clearminded in these situations… There's a few things we need to talk about that would actualy be good to discuss seeing that new years is around the corner and it would be a good way to start the new year… Don't stress yourself out.. Move forward knowing you won't make the same mistakes again… And that if you make certain changes in your life (which we will discuss) great things, boys, rewards, and so on will be coming your way… I share my opinion with you without judgement.. You should do whatever makes you happy.. I am only simply giving you my perspective with love. As I did when I first met you many many years ago.
Fred Durst you homo
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 09:14:28 -0800 Show full headers From Wfd To Paris Hilton Subject Re: So much it hurts me that you just vanished! You are my heart. You told me so many things about how much you loved me and I was the one. Remember I have been in the mountains recording since I last saw you. I come to LA for two days today then back to the woods until christmas. I know you love me and haven't been able to replace me!! I haven't fucking shaved since I saw you! I've been in a depression. But more clear than ever. wfd
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 22:28:25 -0800 Show full headers From Lindsay Lohan To Paris Subject Private Jessica simpson was just totally doing blow in bathroom @ bar downstairs of shoreclub -god bless lindsaylohan
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 00:52:46 -0800 Show full headers From Lindsay Lohan To Paris Hilton Subject Re: Private Saw her in bathroom w. 6 girls wiping her nose I was in shock and my driver told doc my bodyguard that she was asking for it when she was here 2 months ago! I was lioke no, he was like yes she was and then I saw her and nick fighting and he was looking up her nose and she came out b4 the other girls that she was w. On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 12:40 am, Paris Hilton wrote: >How do u know? >--parishilton -god bless lindsaylohan
Dont believe it? Screen shots 1 2 3 Via the Dilly UPDATE: Don't believe it? A Socialite's Life digs deeper Screen caps of emails to mark (mark philippoussis…the australian tennis player) NEWS: How Paris Got Hacked? Fergie vows revenge on Paris Hilton horrified by cellphone hacking More pics from the sidekick launch party Wilmer DJ AM
|W|P|110926433251657291|W|P|I am - Paris Hilton Email|W|P|2/24/2005 01:41:00 p.m.|W|P|Blogger DJMonsterMo|W|P|Your voyeuristic site is depraved and addictive. Thanks!2/24/2005 03:38:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I love Paris!

i know it is wrong but I can't help it.2/24/2005 05:32:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|im so tired of hearing about that dirty cunt.

i wish she would just blow me and move on already.2/24/2005 06:17:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I thought that was Lindsay I was look Jessica is Lindsay but Jess was too damn fucked to noticed. God that girl has a bick mouth.

Nick@undergroundLA.com2/24/2005 06:41:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This site freakin rocks! I am so glad i found it~2/25/2005 09:50:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger Novalia|W|P|lies.... since when do friends sign their full names to messages? what a crock of shit...2/25/2005 10:39:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.2/25/2005 11:11:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|meow

hey do you know what else blows......this site!2/25/2005 03:01:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|You might want to leave your full name if your friends with the hacker/s


ps: goes to show, all is fair game and can be had by all.2/27/2005 11:27:00 a.m.|W|P|Blogger winfidel|W|P|I was one of the people lucky enough to get the numbers from eythics while they still worked. I called and recorded my calls. I had a blast telling Victoria Gotti that she's a hard looking unattractive woman. Her landscaper Mr. Luigi called me back to tell me what I said was wrong to do and that she is really a sensitive and sweet person off camera. Pathetic!
The someone for Durst told me that the FBI is listening to the message I left and they will be arresting me so I said: For making a phone call and leaving a message the FBI will arrest me? Next I was called back by someone named poopoo and she asked: Is something wrong with you why would you call someone you do not know? I asked her: How do you feel having the name Poo Poo- not very empowering is it? I have Anthony Robbins tapes you can borrow to build up your self esteem. She said: What is your nickname and I told her: Winfidel- get it Win. It's better than POO POO. Only seven people called me back- one person I cannot identify because I promised not to told me Paris is a "stupid whore." I said: Her parents say she's crafty like a fox. He responded: "Parents do make excuses for their handicapped kids." -THAT'S COLD!!!4/19/2005 02:42:00 a.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This girl gets screwed in every way, every single time. What can I say? I love it when the dirty laundry of pretty little rich girls gets some airtime. Especially if that girl happens to be Paris Hilton!6/27/2005 09:13:00 p.m.|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|WOW, I KNEW Jessica Simpson was a coke head!!! Thank you thank you thank you